Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three Fences in November

Two horses
Ages 7 and 27
Shivering in that cold November
Before the winter came
That froze the milk in my daughter's cup
In the time it took from the house, across the porch, to the truck.

In a different truck
That November day
Came a veterinarian.
He led the old one away from us
And told us all to go inside
That it would be better for us.

From inside the house
We heard the young one neighing,
"Come back, come back and play with me."
"Wait, wait, I'm coming with you, it's not fair these fences separate us."
We really don't know what she said
Because in the way another fence stood.

Then from inside the house
We heard the silence fall
And knew the deed was done.
We heard no more nickering that day
And the young one, she was never the same
As if a part of her had left with him that cold November day.