Friday, November 23, 2012

Haiku Oklahoma

Inspired by Poets United "I Wish I'd Written This" (about Kobayashi Issa) and by the holiday - a day off for all of us.  The holiday haiku assignment for us:  

On this holiday
Think seventeen syllables
Then go out and play.

The sooner to ride
My daugther did not delay
First gave seventeen:

"Take a walk in woods
Feel the breeze, see beauty, life,
Then see a dirt road."

My son not outdone
And to return to sketchbook
Gave the following:

"Haikus are poems.
They are very short and brief.
Haikus have meaning."

Five seconds to write,
But they did participate
And effort is praised.

And now four are mine
For Issa, Nature and her
Humans placed therewith:

 Honey locust lives;
Drought deals death to elm and oak.
Now more flat tires.

Osage oranges to
Gather, winter, mash, and grow
Living fence for us.

My hair freed from comb
Carried by wind to next spring
Woven in birds' nests.

Rosin, horsehair, wood
Vibrations flow through our hands.
Music in the woods.