Friday, November 2, 2012


     California, 1995
While discussing philosophy by flashlight,
Bigfoot on a ledge overhead rolled rocks
Clunk, clunk, clunk by side of the tent
And laughed.
I wasn't ready.

     Colorado, 2010
Years later in a dream,
Bigfoot was leading me to a place of healing,
Clearing the way before me as I stumbled after
Awaking before arriving.
Damn alarm clock.

     Oklahoma, 2010
A wise man told me, But I did get there,
That I was living there now . . .
Somewhere in Oklahoma.
Knock, knock, knock, the new alarm clock
That ain't no woodpecker's taps.

     Utah, 2012
Big, beautiful city, best job in the world,
But I went for a walk, always walking,
To get away for awhile.
Two ravens flew overhead and told me to go home.
Where the hell's home? I said, respectfully.

     Oklahoma, 2012
To be continued
Not on my time, their time.
Remember what I said,
The wise man said,
The body can only handle so much.