Friday, November 16, 2012

The Wonder in His Eyes

On a night the hot chocolate was steaming
And Perseid meteors were streaming
You learned to tally and count by fives
And in just one hour you recorded 89.
That night meteors flew forth as sparks from your eyes.

Now you are a teenager asleep in bed
And from which you cannot be led
No matter the celestial event.
Where is the wonder in your eyes?

I hope the school books have not drilled it out of you,
Nor all the chores assigned for you to do.
Perhaps you are just tired from how fast you have grown.

Tonight I wished upon a star that boyish wonder
Find a home in your manly frame.

Walk with me, son.
I promise I won't talk at you or we might miss
Beethoven's 5th when the Spotted Towhee sings.
I promise I won't lecture, preach, or patronize,
Nag, complain, tell you to shave or cut your hair,
Or in any way distract or detract from
Our walk upon nature's notebook
Or I might miss your eyes open and smile back at mine.