Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adrift in a Sea of Stars

With storied stealth Orion steals across my sky
Accompanied by Canis Major and Minor.
I can hear the dogs barking at the speed of sound
Even from this great distance
As the hunt goes on and on and on.
A lone coyote's call set off the bellicose barking;
No other coyote answered
And in my world that silence is deafening.
I sink back to sleep adrift in my sea of stars
Then dream of when I played with coyote pups
And when ravens dropped snowballs on my head
And of my little black hen, T. regina, no one messed with
And of Gelert the Greyhound taken out by a mountain lion
For drawing off the hunter crouched upon the roof.
Awakened from troubled sleep again
I want to know if my greyhound has joined the hunt
Or runs silent at the coyote's side
Or remains gray unreconstituted dust.
I sink back to sleep adrift in my sea of stars.