Monday, November 5, 2012

Poet Apothecary

after X-ray, CT, and MRI
The doctor finally sits down to look you straight in the eye,
And tells you your migraine is all in your head,
Your chest pain is serious, but good news you're not dead,
And of your abdominal pain we can find no cause,
That sometimes a problem must grow for imaging to see it at all,
But in the meantime, here, take all these pills,
There must be one that is good for your ills,
And come back to see us when your symptoms get worse,
Of your next trip you are wary,
Hear now the poet apothecary.

A poem a day, a walk, clean water, real food -
this is the prescription especially for you.
Here are the instructions beginning with food,
Though not in any order of importance, they're all good for you.

First food.
If the label says BHA, BHT, TBHQ,
Yellow No. 5, Red 40, or #1 Blue,
Avoid it, you've not evolved to eat crude oil.

If the label says natural,
Buyer beware.
Your understanding of that may not be theirs.
The best food for you has no label at all.

Second, clean water, which can be obtained
By not polluting it in the first place.
But, alas, this has become a global initiative.
Suffice it to say you must first boil and distill it.

Third, walk.  Keep on walking right into the light.
Walk like Buddha,
and Jesus Christ.

Fourth, do not be tempted to neglect this,
Is one poem daily
To help you operate your heavy machinery.
Read it.  Write it.  Live it.  Breathe it.

For litigious reasons here are my credentials,
Poetica medica, RN, BSN, with ACLS.
I am here to shock you if needed,
But, please, first, try my prescription.

To conclude, by all means seek a physician's advice,
But in the end it is you who knows what is right.