Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Day

On rare occasions such as this

I find it better to call in sick

And go outside

Stick out my tongue

And catch a snowflake

Feel sweet freedom

If only for a moment

Hear childlike juncos

Revel in snowfall

Reel in space

Watch snowflakes fall up

In the reflection of the water.

But I suffer from the illusion

That I am indispensable

So off to work I go.


  1. Oh I remember being that way when I was working. I must say, I love NOT working even better:) Love your photos, kiddo. Beautiful. Is that right near where you live? Sublime.

    1. It's downtown Salt Lake City on the Jordan River. Across the path were graffiti'd lampposts. I left SLC yesterday and am halfway home today. As an Oklahoman, snow is a rare occasion for me, but not for the full-time Salk Lakers.


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