Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twelve Days Discordant

Music teachers -
Not in the budget anymore.
The compact disc was overamplified
But Pre-K through Third
Could still be heard yelling
Not caroling
Their Christmas cheer.

I will allow
They were all adorable
Though my good ear
Got my finger stuck in it.
The other finger is reserved
For those who laud the sports
And toss the arts
Along with our Greek-rooted democracy
Of teaching both.

And the evening proceeded
With seven false recorded starts
Until the track to Twelve Days of Christmas
Was launched
Followed by my daughter's classes
A full line behind it.

My son of high schooled
Irreverent age
These discordant days
Leaned over and said,
"About 70 lines to go -
Do the math."
And I, a once most reverent mother
Laughed inappropriately.