Sunday, December 2, 2012

Falls From Tree

Falls From Tree,
The day you earned this name
We heard you laughing
And took our time
To find you hanging from a tree
Foot wedged in his strong arms
With a cushion of air
Between the ground and your head.

Falls From Tree,
Today I saw Sabra gallop by
Saddled with no rider
And your name rushed from my lips
And fell unanswered at my feet.
And my heart was laced with frost
From a lying notion,
But a mother's intuition warmed my being
And, perhaps, a whisper in the trees gave me courage.
And sure enough you came plodding
A little worse for wear but smiling.
And I learn
Again a tree has broken your fall
As you were thrown
Upon her rough and waiting outstretched bark.

So today I offer you a new name.
No, not Falls From Horse.
Saved by Trees?
Little Sister of the Forest?
Tree Chosen?
No.  You tell me,
"Falls From Tree."
And so you do,
A cornucopia of
nuts and fruits
and healing leaves.