Friday, December 21, 2012

North Star

My moon is half full.
The other half is spilled years
Spread across the sky like milk.

My moon is waxing,
Growing fuller,
Despite the loss of time.

I have hope, but still I wonder:
If the north star gives directions,
Why does it hang so lonely in the sky?


  1. Absolutely beautiful, and amazing. One of your best so far that I have read. Wow.

    1. I guess I'll post this one for Sunday. Thanks, Sherry.

  2. Back for another read. It is hauntingly beautiful.

  3. Libby, as I get to know your work, I am more and more impressed. This is just a gorgeous write--and Sherry is right, this one is one you have to come back to read again and again!

  4. beautiful... just love that haunting final line. It stays and keeps on asking its question.

  5. oh Libby this is wonderful... that last line exquisite!

  6. Libby~ You bring the night sky to life and encourage the eyes to look up... and then in.

  7. Beautiful, Libby. Hope may be 'lonely' sometime, but it never leaves us. Remember that...hope simply IS (and always will be).

    Thanks for being such a loyal participant in Poetry Pantry!

  8. That opening is great, fantastically creative. The piece overall is thought-provoking, which is a laudable feat, well done.

  9. really like the growing fuller despite the loss of time and the loneliness despite giving direction :-) Really enjoyed spending some time with this poem - very nice

  10. Good question at the end - I think there might be a whole philosophical truth in there somewhere! Maybe if the North Star could move, she would have gone...then there would be no one to give directions. Someone has to stay behind for the others. But maybe I am making this all up too! Happy Christmas.

  11. because it has a job to do and no one else wants to take over. :)

    enjoyed your poem.


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