Sunday, December 30, 2012

Paltry Words

Sometimes when I read another's words
I have my words knocked out of me
And taken to this higher plane
The breath of God rushes in
And I no longer need 
My paltry words to sustain me.

How can I,
A humbled poet,
Open my mouth after this?

So that when I die, I might be carried 
On at least one worthy word of mine
That might pass the lips of God
And on His breath 
For an eternity rest.


  1. Libby your words are never paltry. They are yours. Thinking of your last stanza, I do encourage you to consider making hard copies of your words, consider putting together a chapbook of them when you think you have enough poetry, and preserving them for your children and others. They will appreciate them someday....and never let yourself judge your words as paltry! No one's are.

  2. Forgot to thank you for your participation in Poets United Poetry Pantry! Also would like to wish you a very Happy New Year....and lots of inspiration!

  3. as always, a joy to read, a pleasure to consider.

  4. Yes, Libby, your words are NEVER paltry! If you're like me, you write because you must - also, I like to think we will leave some wisdom behind that maybe our families will enjoy reading when we are no longer here. I remember when I started blogging and would read some really talented folks' poems and wonder how I dared offer mine - but over time, I realized what they all told me then - that each of our voices is unique, and needed, in the whole. I personally LOVE your work.

  5. true christian humility.classic devotional poem.

  6. Ah..... perhaps He breathes those words into your heart. That would make ALL your words worthy, now, wouldn't it?!!

  7. I think all our words are paltry besides the words of God ~

    wishing you Happy New Year ~

  8. your use of words is awesome. :)

  9. so beautiful... may the words that rise and release from your lips be for blessing as often as possible.... I think it is safe to say that these in your poem have blessed those of us reading them... and that can only mean they are God inspired at least the way I understand the incomprehensible Mystery we call God.

    Happy New Year!

  10. I go through this. I'll read a certain line then say "Oh wow that was perfect. I can't do better. Now it's time to give up." That feeling pushes me to develop skills.


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