Thursday, December 6, 2012

All But Blind, Too

I have seen the multitudes of stars
Through night-vision goggles.
I can do without that greenish glow
And gregarious gathering of suns.

"So blind to someone I must be"
But this blindness suits me.

I am ever compelled to look up
And take just enough not to feel so alone.
But put me in a city with a million people,
My loneliness would kill me not to see a single star.

And tonight the sky is crisp and clear
And the moon is just now rising to obscure my awe.
My jealous sun reminds me, "Get to sleep,
I'll have need of you tomorrow."

"So blind to someone I must be"
from All But Blind
by Walter de la Mare


  1. Libby, this is beautiful and soaks into my heart like water into a thirsty plant's roots. One of your best, kiddo.

    1. Oh, if only my rain dance would work here, too. Thanks, Sherry.

  2. Back for another read. I so resonate with how you'd feel in a city. Me, too. LOVE what the sun says!!!!


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