Saturday, January 12, 2013

ABCs of Oklahoma

A is for Aldean
B is for Bryan
C is for Church, Coyotes, and Cusses
D is for Dodge, Dirt road, Donkeys
C  'cause you can't have Dodge without Chevy
E is for Eggs and bacon fried for breakfast
F is for Four-wheeler
G is for Gum, Guns, and toothless Gums
H is for Horse and bad Hay
I is for Iced tea
J is for Jesus riding a Jackass
K is for Kuntry store
L is for Little towns with Lightning bugs
M is for Mud and lack of Money
N is for Nature and Nothing of value
O is for Outhouses and Oddballs
P is for Puppies abandoned in a box
Q is for Quilt made by Choctaw
R is for Redbone coonhound
S is for Stone house and Snapping turtle
T is for Ticks spinning around in Tornadoes while I'm
Underground in shelter
V is for Venison and Vipers:
     copperheads, rattlers, and water moccasins
W is for Women in jail
X is for X-rays when I fell out of tree
Y is for Yacht, Yeah right
Z is for Tulsa Zoo
     where you can trade turtle shells for birds nests or vice versa.

  By Falls From Tree