Friday, January 4, 2013

Song of the Desert Cardinal

He was
Like a drop of blood
In shark infested waters
Sprinkled through the trees
All predators could see.
What was she thinking?
What was she thinking?
My simple wing
She could have hidden
All along.
What was she thinking?
What was she thinking?
I will take her
Now that he is fallen,
Her heart for him
Still calling.
What will she think?
What will she think?
I will woo her in redness
Of sunrise,
Wrap her in plain feathers
And warm down.
What am I thinking?
What am I thinking?


  1. So sad, Libby. I hope she feels your love and care, and that it heals her mourning.

    1. I knew this was going to go in different directions in readers' minds, BUT I wrote this poem in the masculine voice of a less vibrantly colored Desert Cardinal who is in love with a Northern Cardinal who just lost her bright red mate.

      This is actually a song me and the kids are working up, sung by my son.


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