Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In Whose Image Build We Fences?

If I were homeless,
I would find a big box.

If I had an old car,
I would roll up the window.

If I were a subdivider,
I would fence my yard in privacy.

If I were a rancher,
I would use barbed wire.

If I were an emperor,
I would build of blood and bone a wall.

If I were a god,
I would warp time and space to keep me in and you out.

But if I were One,
I would not want any fences.

Prompted by Verse First at Poets United.


  1. You have said what I grappled with. I so wanted to write a poem about earth from space, which has no fences, and the thought of all of the warring factions fighting over real estate down below......but I didnt pull it off and went another way. I applaud this poem.

  2. Love your final lines. The One has no need of fences, only territorial creatures need them,


  3. Very nice. Yes, humans seem to find uses for fences, even emperors and gods, but the ONE would definitely prefer that all get along with no differentiation. I like your ideas here.

  4. Very nice, I like the different fences and the truth at the end, great imagination.

  5. You are so freaking wise; and you are cleverly, keenly, able to impart that wisdom. Terrific, Libby!

  6. So much truth --just a wonderful piece and you made me smile!

  7. Breaking down the fences we all build around ourselves can be a rewarding moment of liberation! Kudos, Libby...

  8. Excellent. No fences! Agreed. :)

  9. I hadn't thought of so many different type of fences before!

  10. I love this. I love the metaphorical tone. Wonderful blog you have!!


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