Sunday, January 20, 2013


I never knew my ears were odd
Because they came to points like no one else's
Until I went to school for public teasings
As if I were human, but of some other species.

So when I was eleven
I escaped in books of fantasy
And there met creatures elven
And others even more fantastical.

Still I could not shake the stigma
Of being different
And wished my pointed ears away.
Half granted, an ear ripped off one day.

And now I look a bit Van Gogh-ish
With a wish that one ear left
Is enough to grant me passage
Aboard a ship that's sailing west.

Though no longer in a hurry to board her
To lands far, far away
For I've been given offspring here
Who are just as weird as me.


  1. Elven at eleven - I think there are more of you than you realise (I know several) - aren't the elves the wise ones, too?

    1. I never met any other elves, until my kids were born. I'd like to meet more, especially the wise ones.


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