Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hades' Flower

Like meat cured
Packaged and preserved
Labeled 100%
Of what it is not
You are cured
Only there is no cure
Only preservation
Postponing the ultimate
Reservation made by worms
As recorded in Job
One wholly at ease and quiet
And one in the bitterness of his soul
Alike in the dust these lie
And the worms taste both
These states of mind.


This forgotten ground
The shape of this mound
Where Hades' flower blooms
A feast for the eyes
A cure for winter's gloom and doom
Despite knowing another banquet
Here was held
Sweet dirt the crumbs
That nourish life
And cynicism.

Prompted by Verse First ~ The Cure at Poets United.


  1. Ah, for sure the worms have the ultimate reservation. Can't avoid them!

    I never heard of Hades Flower. I assume that is what you have shared in the picture. It definitely would banish the gloom of winter to see those beautiful flowers arise!

  2. Those flowers are a cure for winter's gloom and doom! Only a few more weeks now til Spring!

  3. A feat for the eyes - Captures your words, very nice poem, well done.

  4. Your truthful poem made me chuckle. As always you take a deeper look, Libby.

    We all know the end will be, but we so often fight it tooth and nail.

  5. Flower of the Underworld -- cool flower in New Zealand!

    Your realistic, earthy cynicism is an often wrongly maligned refreshing view of great cheer! Well done.

  6. Arresting image, and somehow satisfying :

    Alike in the dust these lie
    And the worms taste both
    These states of mind.

  7. very clever. a poem to return to

  8. First visit to your blog Libby. I like your work and will return. The flowers evoking the promise of better things. Wonderful.


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