Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Tranquility of Eternity

No need to worry.
When clover sparkles with rain,
Tranquility reigns.

No need to hurry.
When flowers reach for the sun,
Eternity waits.


  1. HI Libby--I love how these two pair--beautiful and they make me feel great when I read them!

  2. Libby, these are both beautiful. I am 'refreshed' in the first one and 'warmed' in the second!

  3. I LOVE these beautiful vignettes and the photos are breathtaking, especially the clover. What a lovely idea! Your words transported me.

  4. Libby,

    I was uplifted by visiting your poem and those delighful photos..We are under heaps of unseasonal snow here in North West England. We cannot enjoy spring flowers, or indeed find the lambs either..
    Thank you for visiting my poem and commenting. Always appreciated,


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