Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crypto Cat

Suspicion frowns upon the black panther
Whose myth resurfaces four times a year
Like a season of fear when the woods won't breathe
And its creatures won't stir to brave stalking death.

When somewhere in the backwoods
Two hunters meet, eye to eye, breath to breath,
The two-legged speaks, "Your black coat is mine."
The four-legged smiles a Cheshire smile, "You won't want to go there."

And each released from sudden blindness, brothers part,
Contenders for a greater truth
As elsewhere the debate goes on:
Puma jaguarundi or melanistic cougar crypto cat.

And renewed the mistrust and spewed the disrespect
Between the experts of the ivory towers
And woodsmen of the virgin bowers
Contending the range of the elusive beast.

Posted at Poets United Poetry Pantry #153.


  1. great line:

    Between the experts of the ivory towers
    And woodsmen of the virgin bowers...


  2. not a good thing when the experts and the feet on the ground cant know there is an app for phones called crypto cat? perhaps the cat knows best to stay hidden....

  3. I love the four-legged's response. Such wonderful imagery tucked in every line - "eye to eye, breath to breath".

    I wonder if we will ever respect nature...or will she devour us all in the end.

  4. I think the more creatures that can stay hidden the better it is......for them!

  5. Love the format of this poem, and especially enjoyed the rhyming towers and bowers. May the big cats remain elusive .... and safe.

  6. "like a season of fear when the woods won't breathe..." amazing Libby, a poem I will always remember.

  7. That was vety well written, beautifully done.

  8. intricate weavings, perhaps referring to antagonisms of another kind.fascinating poem.


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