Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Hero

My hero is not the sort 
I've read of in the books,
But a frail man in a wheelchair
Who's giving me the looks.

Knees shot up,
Bayonet in the arm,
Shrapnel in the head.

He says,
"I've got a bronze star,
a silver star,
for letting people shoot at me."

I also know he has three purple hearts
and 173 are dead.

My hero is the sort
I've read of in the books,
But now he's old and forgotten
His courage never waning.


  1. So moving, Libby. Yes, the unsung heroes, forgotten in their wheelchairs. It is so sad. Luckily he knows YOU appreciate him and see what it cost him to be so brave.

  2. We must always honor those that serve, great reminder.

  3. This is a most admirable fellow. We need a few more heroes!


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