Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Racehorse, A Barn Owl, and I

Fog descended on the track
In early morning deviation from the delta
Sudden coming with galloping hooves
Enveloping eardrums with equine pounding 
As all other sounds were muffled by gray mist
And my own quickened heart beat
As vision obscured without warning
And ground underneath disappeared in cloud
And a racehorse and rider took flight
At the exact moment a barn owl did alight
On the rail
Our only tie to earth that for a moment
A racehorse, a barn owl, and I left behind.


  1. Such an exhilarating moment! Glad the horse didnt shy at the sudden owl landing!

    1. Old Lady of the Woods tells me it was probably a burrowing owl, not a barn owl, because burrowing owls hung out by the rails. But my memory is obscured by the same fog and the owl has taken on a larger demeanor over time. As for shying, we all three were.


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