Friday, November 9, 2012


I want to go to Wales
Where tales of Merlin were told.
I want to go to Suffolk,
Where the Punch was bred.
I want to go to Yorkshire
Where the cloth was woven.
I want to go to Cornwall
Where miners died and pirates lived.
I want to go to Ireland
To walk the famished land escaped from.
I want to go to Switzerland
Where the boats were made.
I want to go to Denmark
Whence came the name Snake-Eye Ragnarsson.
I want to go to Germany
Where the gypsies lived.
I want to go to Spain
But not to see a bullfight.
I want to go to France
But not to conquer anything.
But I'll go home to Oklahoma
To where the Five Tribes walked.
For my ancestors and their stories,
Having sailed across the ocean,
Have bound me to be American.


  1. Libby, I so love your blog. Fascinating - love your fire pit and wish I could join you there. LOVE the photos of your ancestors. A rich heritage. Would you please email me at ? I wish to ask you something. Thanks, kiddo. I suspect we are fellow wild-women!

  2. We all have a rich heritage, we just have to know how to find it.


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