Thursday, November 22, 2012

Smelted by Tolstoy

Trudging through a one hundred page soirée 
Asking why, why must I read this book
I committed finally to see it through to the last page
The third time I started reading it.

I know you will look at the last page,
See 1038, and ask why, why must you read this book.
And you will pronounce me a bore 
If able to endure the first hundred.

If I knew the exact page the book begins to captivate,
I would not tell you; instead, I'll ask you
If not for ore to compare to,
Would value smelted from it be as valued?

So trudge along.  This book will smelt you.
As it did Natasha.
As it did Pierre.


  1. It takes perseverance to get thru slow beginnings......sounds like it finally drew you in. Tolstoy will do that:)

    1. I read it as a teenager and probably should read it again. I'd like to read all my old favorites again, but I'd especially like for my kids to read them.


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